What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. Confucius

The beginning is the most important part of the work. Plato

«Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life». Steve Jobs

«Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere».

«Knowledge is power».

Enjoy the inexorable pain.

Our school

History of the school

“It is difficuly to know the present and to predict the future without knowing the history”

The humankind’s long way lifeline from the past is known as the history. The new generation in every period of time wants to know about, observe and take a lesson from elder generation who lived before them. Because of that, there are some questions to find their answers like what kind of historical events happened in the past, who are the historically important people, what they did, how did they survive and after all how can we take advantage from them.

“It is difficuly to know the present and to predict the future without knowing the history”,- as Abu Nasir Al-Farabi said. As reminding this, we also willing to know about the history of our village and about the town called Qarashiq. Our land has its own history. There are many high plains in historical places of our land. And each of those has its own history.

The word “Qarashiq” also means “Qaratau” as the scientists K. Miller, A.German, H.Hasanov, T.Choroev said. It is written in teacher Muhammed Sadyq Saparuli’s hand recordings “About Turkestan” that Khoja Ahmed Yassawi came to “Qarashiq Azim which had forty gate”. In this we can see that “Shavgar”’s turkish name is Qarashiq in arabic-persian records. Evidents show that V. Shuhovssov’s thought is right about the meaning of the word “Shavgar”. There is also related meaning with “Shy” in Chinese records. Because of that we can make a chain “Shy-Savgar-Qarashiq”.

Chronology of the school

In 1930s the school in new form was started to build
In 1934 the school for primary education was opened
In 1959 the school was moved to new building
In 1972-1973 the school was called for 8 years
In 1976 the school was moved to this building
In 1999-2000 then, it became the secondary school
After that, in 2009-2010 the school became general secondary school

"Do not take gold, but take knowledge"

School’s identity

It was built in 1976 (1-building)
2015 (2-building)
Address South Kazakhstan, city Turkistan, village Juynek, settlement Shipan, street Bayqongir, № 14
Director of the school Abenov Rahmatullo
The assistant of the director in studying and diccipline Babataev Elbrus
The assistant of the director in studying and diccipline in primary education Kishibaeva Zulfiya
The assistant of the director in diccipline Mamitov Ahat
Studying lessons in kazakh and uzbek languages
The process of the lesson 2 shifted
All pedagogs consist of 64
High educated 63
Secondary special college graduates 1
High experienced 11
1st seniority 18
2nd seniority 25
No seniority 10
All pupils consist of 481
Little centers 40
Pupil from 1-4 classes 180
Pupils from 5-9 classes 227
Pupils from 10-11 classes 74

News blog

Participated in the international observation called Talis.

17.03.2018 year

Great day of holiday Nauriz

19.03.2018 year

The result of the competition « Test experienced»
The school «Shipan» achieved good results. The school got 1st place with medium score 110,40.

31.03.2018 year
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